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                      Inspire . Collaborate . Connect

2006 Grants

Literature Support

The purpose of the Readers/Writers Workshop Literature Curriculum is to provide a literacy program for 6th grade students to foster independent reading among the students and reinforce the current language arts curriculum.

 Global Studies Novels

To fund the purchase of a variety of novels that have been written by authors from various parts of the world that is studied in their 10th grade social studies class.

 Digital Video and Photo Integration

To enhance the technology experiences of students by providing them with more opportunities for hands-on use of digital video and digital photography.

 Honor Retirees with Books

The intent of this project is to honor and remember the very dedicated employees of ISD 719 upon their retirement. The retiree would pick out a book of their choice and choose which library it goes into.

 Nature Center Transportation

The intent of this project is to allow WestWood 3rd graders the privilege of using the Five Hawks Nature Center to enhance their environmental education in an experiential way.

 Earth Stewards

To provide an educational environment for students that emphasizes and integrates environmental principles. Through a Jr. Naturalist program, we also hope to involve many of our older students in the actual recycling collection process.

 First Grade Book Worms

We would like to build our classroom library to accommodate the reading levels of all students. As the students find success at their reading levels they are able to advance to higher levels of reading.

 DSC Kids Corner

To create a small welcoming area called “Kids Corner” for children of district families and staff seeking assistance at the newly remodeled District Services Center.

 The Listening Program

The Listening Program is a music-based auditory stimulation method that trains the brain to improve the auditory skills needed to effectively listen, learn and communicate. 

 Mural Project

The mural project will be created to celebrate the diversities that we host at Glendale Elementary School in conjunction with our learning festival theme.

 Essential Study Skills

Staff at Hidden Oaks Middle School and Twin Oaks Middle School would like to set up a Study Skills curriculum that will target 6th, 7th, and 8th graders (respectively) at each school to teach, practice, and utilize study skills to improve their current success and continue with good study skills to high school and beyond. 

 Environmental Awareness

To build an awareness of environmental issues by creating two teams of students, who will serve as Junior Naturalists. We would like students to become responsible citizens which the resources available to them. 

 Middle School Junior Great Books

Junior Great Books Curriculum is a literature-based program of interpretive reading, writing, and discussion which partially replaces or supplements conventional instruction in literature and comprehension, and also provides benefits in critical thinking. 

 Parent Resource Libraries

A parent resource library in every building in order to provide families with a variety of helpful tools for parenting issues/concerns.

 Destination Imagination

WestWood Destination Imagination Teams provide an opportunity for students to participate in an extracurricular activity promoting creativity, team-based problem solving and life skills. Students solve open-ended challenges using their imaginations and creative problem solving skills. 

 Summer School Transportation

District #719 is offering a centralized summer school program for elementary age students during the summer of 2006. The program will be held at Glendale because of the number of schools with major construction projects at the home schools this summer. The centralized summer school program will give all district students the same opportunity for remedial classes in reading, writing and math. Funding for the program is provided by the Carver-Scott Educational Cooperative; however there are no funds available for transporting students whose parents are unable to provide transportation. 

 Music Artist in Residence

We are asking for funds to bring in three Minnesota composers (Matthew Culloton, Jocelyn Hagen and Abbie Betinis) to work with the music theory classes as well as the choirs and bands. 

 Book It Reading Program

We plan to provide a reading program for all of our students to read appropriate leveled books at school and at home. This will accelerate their reading skills and fluency. 

 Storybook Garden

Students will engage in novel “hands on” group and individual learning experiences that connect to children’s literature. It will promote a love of gardening, develop and appreciation for the environment, and cultivate the mind. 

 Peaceful Playground

Peaceful Playground is a program that introduces children and school staff to the many choices of activities available on playgrounds. It is a playground blueprint that allows school staff to select games and activities that are age appropriate for children. It consists of designing and painting the playground with various games and teaching children consistent rules to use when playing the games and teaching children how to manage conflict and solve problems on their own.

 Leading from Within

This grant-based project is intended to help identify and support leadership by employees at all levels throughout the district. The outcome of the grant is to help define leadership by employees and identify how this leadership model will function. 

 Link Crew

Link Crew is a freshmen transition program run by upperclassmen that, through a variety of programs create a welcoming, inclusive environment through positive interactions while promoting school connectedness and providing academic support. 

 Need to Read

This project is to promote and link reading and comprehension from school to home. Students will be able to choose from books, at their personal reading level, from a take home library that will be offered to all first grade students at Westwood.

 Literature for 4th Grade

To build a library of multiple titles that is intriguing to student readers. They will be used for reading instruction, literature circles, and independent reading. This will encourage students to explore different genres and new authors. 

 Capture 20.20 (Digital photo)

Capture 20.20 is an award-winning program that integrates photography into everyday classroom activities. By allowing students access to digital media, students can express and connect/recall their knowledge of classroom content in a similar manner that a family photo album refreshes details of shared experiences. 

 Let’s Get Reading

The Sixth Grade Language Arts Teachers at Twin Oaks would like to create a comprehensive reading curriculum that includes Guided Reading, Literature Circles, Literature Logs, Book Clubs and many other innovative ideas that will help supplement our basal curriculum.

 Resource Revamp

Project “Resource Revamp” is intended to revitalize the existing parent libraries in the newly constructed Edgewood Family Center. The purchase of new books is imperative to the sustained credibility and utility of our family education program.

 PALS Transportation

PALS is a program that trains high school students to mentor elementary aged children in the areas of academic support and social skills. The need for this program is to find funding that will cover the transportation costs from the high school to the elementary schools. 

 SPIRIT Players

Spirit Players is one of several high school programs that shares a role played by our PALS program and Link Crew programs. The SPIRIT Players (Students Presenting Issues Relating to Intense Times) is to cover the training through Cornerstone Productions to create their own innovative, entertaining and thought-provoking brief drama productions related to challenging issues faced by young people in our contemporary adolescent culture. 

 Science Night Live

To show students K-12 that science is exciting, interesting and impacts them on a daily basis in many ways. The evening events are for K-12 district students and their parents.

 Kids Vote

Our goal or desired outcome is to raise our youth in a culture of democracy and the importance of being involved. The Kids Voting non-partisan program also strives to increase lifelong voter participation by educating Prior Lake-Savage elementary and secondary students and involving them in the voting process.

Camp Streefland

Camp Streefland provides an experiential learning opportunity for students that struggle with positive social interaction in the mainstream setting. Through much of the initiative training at Camp Streefland, these students have an opportunity to team with adults and peers to develop and expand teamwork and leadership skills.