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                      Inspire . Collaborate . Connect

2007 Grants

JP Primary Lending Library

First and second grade teachers at Jeffers Pond Elementary would like to enlarge a beginning leveled lending library. Having a lending library with leveled books would allow us to continually put books at the student’s level in their hands to take home each night.

 French Musicians/Artists

We would like to invite Salif Keita, a French speaking musician from Mali to speak to our French classes about his culture and music, and demonstrate some of his authentic West-African instruments. We would also like to invite an artist from Senegal to show and discuss his work. These topics link directly to our content in all levels of French, where we study francophone cultures in Africa.

 ESL Multi-Language

Students who study English as a Second Language are often fluent readers in their first language or are orally adept at understanding their first language. To continue the process of literacy, whether it is in L1 or L2, literacy and fluency will be enhanced via the listening of books in a student’s native language.

 PLHS Laker Writing Stylebook

The teachers of PLHS would like to continue to use the very well received and well written Laker Writing Stylebook. It was printed this year for students in grades 9-12 and has been used by teachers in all content areas to help improve the quality and consistency of student writing. Funds are needed to continue this effort and print the stylebook for our next class of students at the high school.

 Nat’l Geographic for Geographers

To obtain 35 full year subscriptions of National Geographic magazines to promote literacy, cultural awareness, celebrate diversity, develop critical thinking skills.

 Guided Reading-Extended Day Kindergarten

The grant funds would provide quality and developmentally appropriate guided reading books to Kindergarten students at WestWood Elementary. The students will improve their reading skills through direct instruction and independent practice with the books as well as indirectly improve writing skills.

 Resource Review

Project Resource Review provides monetary stipends to 8 staff members from early childhood and special education programs so they may form a focus group with the intention of researching best practices in the field of early literacy. It is the intent of this group to plan and prepare a well-developed early literacy curriculum for the district’s school readiness program.

 PLHS Auditorium Supervisor

To provide funds that will increase the presence of the Part-Time Auditorium Supervisory position in the PLHS.

 K-1 Playground Replacement

The project will remove the old playground equipment that has been in place for over 15 years and provide primary age students with a safe and exciting place to play and exercise.

 Celebrate Art/Mural Project

HOMS cafeteria is in dire need of permanent visual art work to help create a dynamic atmosphere. A visual work of art that says, “HOMS is a great place to learn and this is how we celebrate our achievements.”

 Infusing Tech into Band Lesson Program

Our goal at HOMS and TOMS is to encourage band students to have more fun, practice longer and more often, develop confidence in their individual musical skills, and become passionate about making music through the use of technology, specifically “Smart Music.”

 ELC Wolf Ridge

The Wolf Ridge ELC trip to northern Minnesota is a high-quality experiential activity in late Fall for all 5th graders in the district. The program impacts an optimum number of students. The program is highly supported by families (financially) and by staff, and it has become part of our culture. Of the 30 new elementary science standards, 11 (or 37%) are met via student experiences at ELC. The students who have been on this trip in the past speak very highly of their life-changing experiences (often cited as the best experience in their lives thus far). Desired outcome is to give all 5th graders in the district this opportunity.

 Summer Art Camp 2007

During the past five years I have offered to coordinate and teach a summer art camp experience for elementary students of Prior Lake/Savage area schools. I would like to continue this great opportunity for your artists to explore art in an exciting learning environment; the great outdoors!

JP Outdoor Learning Sites

Carrying its own objective in our strategic plan, “All students who attend Jeffers Pond Elementary will participate in environmental learning experiences”. This grant will help to fund such learning areas as a Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden, a Boulder Garden, and a Bird Sanctuary.

 Inspire Geography-Africa, Intl, Europe

This program will enhance all 7th grade students’ skills in the area of map reading and map understanding. This program also supports National and State Standards in Geography content.

 Stability in the Classroom

Sitting on a stability ball promotes learning through movement, improves blood flow to all parts of the body, especially the brain, enhances attention and concentration, improves balance and coordination and increases core strength. These are just some of the many reasons that make us realize that the stability balls need to be brought to the Prior Lake School System.

 New Music Project

We would like to commission 2 new choral works over the next two years for the choral program at PLHS. Students will then be given the chance to work with the commissioned composers on their pieces in a master class setting.

 Leadership Academy

This project is intended to implement a leadership academy for staff, high school students, and community members to grow in their leadership skills.

 Literature Circle Books

We would like multiple copies of literature books to encourage & enrich reading skills. Also, to develop an appreciation for reading.

 Capture 20.20

Capture 20.20 is a program that takes what is instructed upon in the classroom and encourages/motivates students to “capture” that information outside the classroom.


The district’s environmental education program is not a budget line item. It is a program that is fully sustained through grants and volunteerism. As the program has grown and successes have been shared, we have a greater need for equipment, curriculum, and time to enhance and improve the program. By creating a grant writing group, it is our hope that we will increase the availability of funds to provide necessary equipment to engage students in hands-on learning, enhance our Junior Naturalist programs, improve our school grounds for outdoor learning opportunities, enhance curricula integration, and provide quality staff development opportunities related to environmental education.

 Genographic Project

This project will allow participation of currently enrolled IBMYP students in the Genographic Project. This study allows students to research their deep ancestry along a single line of direct descent (paternal or maternal) and show the migration paths their ancestors followed thousands of years ago. This project encourages creativity, encourages innovation, and encourages excellence.

 Hands on American History

To purchase a Revolutionary War Uniform to bring excitement and intrigue to American History through hands on experience.

 PLHS Math Tutor Program

To offer one-on-one math tutoring for high school students needing assistance with Algebra (I &II), Geometry and F.S.T. (Functions, Statistics and Trigonometry). PLSAEF funds are requested to cover cost of background checks for tutors.

 Success with Stability Balls

Stability Balls would enable each student to have a stability ball to sit on with a table instead of the traditional desk and chairs. This encourages creativity, innovation, and excellence.

 PLHS Book Club

The book club was started in 2005 with a grant from Prior Lake Savage Community Education with the intention of encouraging students to read for pleasure and to begin or add to their personal libraries.

 Peaceful Playground

To enhance the playground equipment outside of Grainwood Elementary, for all students, with a product that promotes strong school community, encourages physical activity and reduces conflict. As Grainwood was the original high school for Prior Lake, the current playground equipment could use enhancement.

 Advanced Placement Recognition Awards

In order to encourage more PLHS students to participate in the Advanced Placement Program and to take multiple AP classes over their high school years, we have decided to give recognition pins to students who meet the College Board requirements.

 PALS Transportation

PALS is a program that trains high school students to mentor elementary aged children in the areas of academic support and social skills. The need for this program is to find funding that will cover the transportation costs from the high school to the elementary schools.

 Link Crew 2008-09

Link Crew is a freshmen transition program run by upperclassmen that – through a variety of programs – create a welcoming, inclusive environment through positive interactions while promoting school connectedness and providing academic support.

 Prior Lake-Savage Kids Voting

Our goal or desired outcome is to raise our youth in a culture of democracy and the importance of being involved. The Kids Voting non-partisan program also strives to increase lifelong voter participation by educating Prior Lake-Savage elementary and secondary students and involving them in the voting process.

 Baby Think It Over

We use babies to simulate parenthood over a long weekend. Each student experiences hands-on what it is like to care for an infant.

 Environmental Education Summer Immersion Camp

The goals for the Environmental Education Summer Immersion Camp are to educate and inspire youth to be the advocates and stewards of our natural environment and learn the skills needed to conserve and enjoy our beautiful lakes and natural spaces.

 Feed the Pigs, Not the Landfills!

In the fall of 2006, four of the five elementary schools in the Prior Lake-Savage School District implemented a Scott County grant-funded food waste program. At that time, the current administrator felt that an additional program, like the food waste program, would be too much for a building transitioning from 3-5 to K-5. Starting January 2008, it is our hope to join the other elementary schools in implementing this environmentally friendly program.

 Say Yes to No Presentations & Ideas Exchange

ISD 719 Community Education and ISD 719 Chemical Health Department will work with other community partners to bring Dr. David Walsh to our community to speak on his latest book, “No – Why Kids of All Ages Need to Hear It and Ways Parents Can Say It”.

 Literacy Station Tools for Kindergarten

With full-day kindergarten, students have the time to explore and use their reading skills in literacy stations while the teacher teaches small groups. There is a need for materials such as big books, drama/storytelling pieces, and pocket chart activities for use with the stations.

 Welcome Newborn Outreach & Parent Education Packets

Early Childhood Family Center Staff are organizing, assembling and distributing a “Welcome Newborn” outreach/parent education packet to Prior Lake-Savage residents who have recently had newborn babies. The packet will include educational materials, community resource information and a “keepsake” book, Guess How Much I Love You. The goal is to introduce and entice families with newborns to participate in the Family Center Programs.

 Let ME Tell You About My Day

The Life Skills students, at both the elementary level and the secondary level, will become more independent in relaying events at school and home by the use of re-usable daily notes.

 Lending Library

The lending library program will provide leveled books for our at risk readers. It will also provide resources for parents to be involved as their child is learning to read.

 Take Me to Read My Story, Please

The Hidden Oaks Academic Alternatives (AA) students will increase their reading & writing skills, and desire to read by creating stories to read to the Life Skills students at Grainwood Elementary.