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2009 Grants

Camp Streefland

Team building activities for Level III EBD students. Help build social skills, teamwork and acceptance towards others.


A professional quality telescope observatory dome with state-of-the-art equipment will be built on the grounds of PLHS. The equipment will be used to enhance the existing Astronomy program at the high school and will be available to middle school, Community Education, Boy Scout, and private party programs.

 HS Chemistry Teacher Workshop

There are five teachers at PLHS that teach Honors, General, and Concepts Chemistry. We will be attending a one-day seminar on November 19 in Minneapolis where we will learn new demonstrations and teaching practices.

 ECSE Sensory Motor Program

We are requesting this grant to enable ECSE staff to provide quality and cutting-edge sensory motor programming to groups of young children with special needs.

 Adapted Tricycle-Bike Riding for All!

Purchase of bike helmets.

 Spanish Library of Children’s Books

This grant would fund the beginning of a classroom library that would consist of children’s books in Spanish. The purpose of this library is to promote literacy, cultural awareness and establish life-long reading skills in Spanish.

 School Store
My goal is to start a school store that will be used as an educational opportunity for students. The mission of the store is to run a self-sustaining, profitable school store. I started one in the school district that I came from, and it was a HUGE success!

 Slow Motion Lab

This project is cooperative across grade level, interdisciplinary, technology based concept where students can slow down movements of any moving object with a high speed shutter camera. This will allow for further detailed observation.

 Creating Independence/Success for Struggling Writers

Equipping some of our computers with the Co Writer and Write Out Loud software will enable our struggling writers, specifically our special education students, to become capable, successful and independent written communicators, thereby better preparing these students for middle school and high school.

 Archeological Dig

The dig is a cross grade level, interdisciplinary, hands on investigation in an attempt to answer the question, “How do we investigate ancient civilizations?”

 Embroidery Machine Enhancement

An embroidery machine has been donated to Hidden Oaks. To get the best use of the machine, I need a personal design card and a transfer reader writer box so extra designs can be drawn by students or downloaded from the internet.

 Let’s Cook

Let’s Cook would provide the TOMS Life Skills students the opportunity to develop their skills in social skills, communication, direction following, language, math abilities, reading abilities, independence, self-help, and functional life skills through the use of cooking projects.

 SMART Technology Classroom

By incorporating the use of the Senteo student response system in my classroom, I hope to increase student participation, incorporate technology into everyday learning, and reduce the amount of worksheets. The Senteo response system will allow me to assess frequently and receive the results instantly so that I may adjust my teaching for differentiation and track student progress.

 Grainwood G.E.A.R.

By having monthly reading themes within the school, students will increase their number of reading minutes each month and to create an excitement toward reading.

 Catching Students in Action

Immediate access to a digital camera would help us attain our goal of acknowledging our students in a special way. We would have the ability to easily take photos of students as they engage in classroom activities or other school related events.

 Environmental Literacy for Redtail Ridge

By using field guides, students will meet the MN state science standard of raising questions about the natural world, make careful observations and seek answers.

 PLHS Book Club

The book club was started in 2005 with a grant from Prior Lake Savage Community Education with the intention of encouraging students to read for pleasure and to begin or add to their personal libraries.

 “My Life” Portfolio Project Support

The My Life Portfolio is an extensive year-long project for every 8th grade student that includes a collection of various essays, letters, poems, pictures, etc. that represent the student’s middle school years. It is our hope that every student will have the opportunity to create a special memorable portfolio through the use of a cache of unique supplies that otherwise may not be available to him or her due to financial strain.

 PC’s in Academic Support Programs

This project would make 20 computers readily accessible to students who participate in two separate programs at PLHS: REAL guided study halls, and the after-school program. Desired outcome is that guided study students will use the computers to make more efficient use of their homework time, and after-school students will complete makeup credits in a variety of areas using an on-line program.

 SAGE Academy

The new Prior Lake-Savage School District Gifted Academy, SAGE, was created to offer the opportunity for developmentally appropriate yet intellectually and rigorous curriculum for students whose academic needs are not met in a traditional classroom. SAGE will engage students with an emphasis on critical and abstract thinking, logical reasoning skills, interest-based research, accelerated grade-level curriculum, and self-evaluation/understanding. District curriculum guidelines will be utilized, but it will be necessary to heavily modify and differentiate the curriculum in order to meet the learner goals.

 Yoga Kids as a Neuromotor Foundation

The project provides succinct neuromotor training for our kindergarteners to enhance learning readiness prior to specific academic instruction and “job” stations.

 Friends of Wolf Ridge

The Wolf Ridge ELC trip is a pivotal experience for our district’s fifth graders. They look forward to the trip from the moment they enter grade school. It is an event that students and their families remember forever. The program benefits our entire community because the environmental knowledge in interpersonal skills that students gain is carried out into our wider community. 

 Hand Drums for Life Skills Program

Purchasing the drums described (following), I will be able to incorporate musical instruction and sensory integration into my special education curriculum.

 Language Arts Mentorship

Students from PLHS who excel in writing and speaking will visit seventh grade classrooms to share expertise, model skills, and actively involve seventh grade language arts students in these skills and offer constructive suggestions for improvement. Follow up visits will reinforce the improvements made.

 Weather FX 7-Day Forecaster

Eighth grade Earth Science is attempting to incorporate more primary data into the curriculum to give students more opportunities to collect and interpret real data from the real world. In providing the Weather FX 7-Day Forecaster, students will have the opportunity to record daily weather statistics to be used during the yearly weather unit.

 Science Stop-watches

There are several projects in Earth Science done each year that require the use of stop watches. We have used the classroom wall clock in the past, but this does not grant the accuracy or independence of our students that we would like in a hands on lab setting. These would be used with a wide variety of labs throughout the year.

 Alexandria Lexile Utility

This utility will be added to the existing catalog/circulation program in the HOMS Library/Media Center. The utility scans the existing book collection by title, author, ISBN and adds the Lexile number to the book record. This allows students and staff to choose books appropriate to the reading level of students.

 Accelerated Readiness Training S.M.A.R.T.

The S.M.A.R.T. curriculum consists of activities for developing and enhancing student’s large and fine muscle skills, visual perception and eye-hand coordination. Once these readiness skills are in place, students have the necessary tools to be able to learn to read.

 S.M.A.R.T.E. (Redtail Ridge)

The SMART Curriculum is a multi-sensory approach to learning, designed to develop and enhance physiological and neurological readiness skills students need to succeed in school. The curriculum consists of activities for developing and/or enhancing students’ large and fine muscle skills, visual perception and eye-hand coordination, all necessary tools for learning to read and academic success.

 Student Resource Room

The student resource room is a place where special needs students can receive extra assistance with assignments and homework, reinforcement of skills taught in the classroom and practice of organizational and study skills.

 Four Seasons Nature Center – Phs II

Enhance, maintain and provide Naturalists for the Four Seasons Nature Center incorporating cross-curricular instruction, ecological preservation and community enhancement.

 Five Hawks Playground

The project will remove the old playground equipment that has been in place for over 15 years and provide primary age students with a safe and exciting place to play and exercise.

 SMART Room at Grainwood

S.M.A.R.T. is a multisensory approach to learning based on brain research. This program develops physiological and neurological readiness skills essential to classroom success in areas of language development, reading, math, writing, physiological readiness and coordination and attention.

 Jeffers Pond Prairie Project

The Jeffers Pond Elementary School community aspires to establish a native prairie area on our school grounds. This area will be used as a living classroom blending all curricular area while fostering an awareness of systems and native flora. Through investigations and experiences, environmental ethics and stewardship of Jeffers Pond staff, students and the greater community will increase.

 Safe Spaces for Small Learners

To provide the district’s youngest and most vulnerable learners with year-round access to the space, opportunities, and activities necessary to learn and practice important motor skills while also encouraging language, social, and cognitive development.


Through the use of multi-sized gears, our 7th grade students will have a better understand​ing of rates, proportions and their application to each other.

 SMART Class for P.E.

Implement a SMART gym program for K-2 students to help improve academic readiness, coordination and attention.

 Document Reader – Band

Band students typically see only their part (i.e. clarinet). I would like them to be able to see all the parts from a conductor’s score while rehearsing so students may be aware of who else has the same parts they do and who has different parts and how they are different.

 Music Library for Middle Schools

This project is to create a music library where middle school band students can check out solo music like they would check out a book from a regular library. The desired outcome is to improve music literacy among our band students, and to provide further opportunities for them to enhance their musicianship as individuals.