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2010 Grants

SMART Board Table

Recently all of the elementary classrooms had SMART boards installed. Due to a variety of factors, the speech pathologists were unable to have this equipment in their offices. A SMART table is a wonderful option for special education and regular education students as it would allow them to access the classroom curriculum in a supportive small group setting.

 JR Naturalist Eco Team

The intent of the Eco Team and Jr. Naturalist program is to increase student involvement in advocating for environmental stewardship and promoting awareness within their schools, families and the larger community.

 Assistive Technology in D/APE

The Assistive Technology in D/APE project is intended to provide students with the tools needed to increase, maintain, and improve their functional capabilities in recreational and leisure activities.

 Sensory Room at Glendale

To create a therapeutic sensory room, that will provide students with sensory processing and self-regulation needs (as well as general education students) with a relaxing and/or stimulating environment to promote or decrease behaviors.

 PLHS – One Act Play Director

The PLHS One Act Plays are produced each winter. With the budget cuts in the district, the activities department cut the One Act Play’s assistant director. Without an assistant director one of the three plays would need to be cut for the season.

 Academic Challenge Coach

Academic Challenge involves 20-30 students each year. This is a MN State HS League activity and the team has gone to STATE the past FOUR years. Coaches have been cut in most areas, no exception here. We are asking for ½ of the salary for the 2nd coach, as one coach cannot coach, read questions, and operate the computer system alone. Also, being a very successful program, we anticipate more students coming on board in 2011.

 Mock Trial Funds

This year we had so many students interested in being on the mock trial team, that I asked if we could have two teams. These funds would help outfit the team for court & help prepare them for competitions.

 SMART Room for Grainwood Elementary

S.M.A.R.T. , Stimulating Maturity through Accelerated Readiness Training, is based on occupational therapy practices and includes structured motor-related activities that can be implemented in any regular or special education classroom.