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2011 Grants

Community Band Sheet Music

We are a TOTALLY volunteer organization, with neither the conductor nor any of the musicians receiving any money.

 Military Uniforms: 1812 & Mexican Wars

I am requesting funds to purchase military uniforms for two of the wars America has fought in, the War of 1812 & the US Mexican War. These wars are covered in my 8th grade US History course. I currently do not have any hand on items for this time period. These uniforms will help bring my class alive for my students. When students can see, touch, feel, & even try on the uniforms, they become more engaged in the content we are covering.

 IPad-2 for Students with Autism

It is our hope that by using the iPad2 and its apps we are including students with ASD in the development process of improving academics, social communication, social skills, regulating emotions, managing their schedules, and organizing their daily activities. Using the iPad2 and its apps to support our students can be highly motivating, provide them respect, allow them to become more independent rather than dependent, and provide a lifetime tool across many environments.

 Advanced Video Editing Studio

The goal of this grant is to create an updated television studio to allow students to create multimedia projects which explore the limits of their creativity but are not hindered by outdated equipment. This will also promote multimedia literacy and communications to students, staff, and the community as a whole.

 Violence Prevention for Kindergarten

The School Social worker will work with Kindergarten teachers to present the curriculum to all kindergarten students. Staff and students will be taught a similar language to use when dealing with empathy, emotions, and problem solving. The curriculum has evaluation tools embedded in it to assist in checking progress. Parents are also involved in the curriculum.

 TARGET BAND – Painting Gym – Jeffers Pond

To paint a 4-foot wide band around the entire perimeter of the gym. Within the band there will be different sports shapes (ex., footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, hockey sticks, etc.) words such as teamwork, sportsmanship, different exercises. The band will be done by students during their art classes and during phy ed classes, students will benefit as they will be using the band for targets and lines to define goals/nets for games.

 High School Special Education Reading

To purchase fiction/nonfiction reading materials that are age appropriate but at a predetermined set of target reading levels. Special education students do not have access to reading materials other than the textbook because the books are not provided by the publisher such as those provided to general education students and appropriate reading level books are not available at the high school. For example, most of my junior and senior level students are currently reading a book that is a fifth grade level but designed to be of high interest for young adults. Student will potentially improve their reading skills that are required for employment, community living, and post-secondary education opportunities.