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Fall 2012 Grant Awards


Brainology is an award winning research-based curriculum that ignites student’s motivation and self-efficiency through the growth mindset. It teaches students neuroscience and study skills, emphasizing scientific research on the malleability of the brain and brain-friendly study techniques that students can adopt through a combination of online instruction and classroom support materials.

Respect Retreat

4Word Momentum is a full-day retreat experience for our 7th grade students focusing on courage, value, kindness and safety.

I Pads for Spanish Classroom

Well-designed and well-executed iPad/Apple TV apps for classrooms will transform learning experiences of students in the classroom and at home. Teachers will begin teaching in different ways. Through this means, they can become even more effective at doing their jobs.

Teachers will use an empowering tool, such as the iPad and Apple TV, to foster the proper kind of learning environment and climate – one that is vibrant, dynamic and interesting. By taking advantages of this new educational option, it is possible for our teachers to elevate the learning experience of students, and in the process, help to benefit the community at large.

Camp Streefland

Camp Streefland is a team building incentive type camp similar to ELC in that a staff leads students through many team-building activities while also encouraging students to face their fears and try to do things a different way. Helps to build confidence, trust, and appreciation for each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Healthy Snack Cart for Kindergarten

Students would be able to choose healthy snacks and parents could save money because food items would be bought in bulk. We hope that students would learn about healthy snack choices and continue to make better snack choices on their own.

Legal Unit for Grade 6 Advanced English

We would like to bring the legal world into the 6th grade classroom. After students have read the novel “Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer” students will be exploring, researching, and drawing conclusions on various legal topics.

iPads for the Classroom

iPad used for Literacy Centers improve student reading fluency and comprehension through audio books.

THINK Playground

Aspen Academy is in the process of building a new facility. We would like to design our playground around the Aspen THINK philosophy – Tenacity, High Expectations, Integrity, No Excuses and Kindness.

Classroom of Wiggle Seats

I would like to purchase a classroom set of “wiggle seats”. These are round, plastic discs that have one smooth side and one textured side that students sit on while learning. They work both on regular classroom chairs and on the floor. Wiggle seats help students be calmer, and they can increase students’ attention and focus.

Art-Photo & Recording Equipment

My goal is to have tools available to my students for creating digital portfolios and/or videos that would be used in school and possibly the community. Middle school students would be taught how to use a digital camera and iPod Touches to photograph their artwork as well as to create videos explaining the artworks they created. They would also photograph the artwork of the younger students that would be uploaded to

Festival at the Oaks

The Middle Schools Band Boosters and district directors are jointly conducting our district’s first ever band solo and ensemble contest and workshops. The Save-The-Date attachment has a more detailed overview. Individual growth and disciplined practice, stretching musical muscles and expanding mastery of skills are the preparation students need to take for such a contest. Creativity happens when mastery and growth in a discipline such as music are encouraged, and in these young, developing years, are required. The professionally led workshops offer new (to the young student), creative solutions on instrument-specific and general musicianship topics.

Learning and coaching formats which bring students to their potential are developed by teachers, band directors. These band directors must creatively and with new approaches coach students to perform individually or in small ensemble groups. This is not the standard approach to teaching band students in a regular band program environment. Experiencing a broad event, one where both preparation for competition and new coaching occurs, exposes students to a new style of instruction. Both students and teachers dig deeper to reach the level of excellence needed to successfully participate in such a contest. The workshops connect kids personally to their instrument, socially to other young music students, and to an expanded view of music education and performing professions as later opportunities. Three hundred or more middle school band students from Prior Lake – Savage and other school districts will benefit from participation in this event. (This is an invitational festival.)

Nutrition Classes at Club Prior

By offering nutrition based classes on how to improve health, our Senior Citizens will be armed with information on how to live a healthier life.

Story Walls – A Mural Story

Students from Grainwood Elementary, adults from the community, and Mural artist Greg Preslicka will collaborate to actively participate in the creative process of a mural project through: brainstorming, critique, selection, and observation. Participants will assist in the creation of a visual story for the Media Center at Grainwood. After the story creation, Greg will paint the visuals in the form of a mural on the 3- sides of the perimeter of the center of the library where it drops down from the ceiling.

Visual Aids to Support Struggling Learners

Our special education and “at risk” programs are in need of an LCD projector and Apple TV to use with our current iPad for group work. We have had much success with our students using the iPad, and this equipment would make it more accessible with groups of students since we do not have access to a SMART board.

iPad Mini Station

I have designed a 21st Century 2nd Grade Classroom (see slideshow at to see my model). The next step is I would like to install a permanent iPad station. I see myself using the iPads for enrichment, to help struggling students, to promote creativity, to create visual storytelling (writing), for guided reading, as a math tool and to improve language arts.

Spring 2012 Grant Awards

IPad-2 for Students with Autism

It is our hope that by using the iPad2 and its apps we are including students with ASD in the development process of improving academics, social communication, social skills, regulating emotions, managing their schedules, and organizing their daily activities. Using the iPad2 and its apps to support our students can be highly motivating and provide them with respect.

Learning Without Limits

Technology is ubiquitous in our society. Teachers need to empower students by providing them with the best tools to access knowledge. Through the use of the i-pad 3 in daily classroom instruction, students will increase their level of English language proficiency.

 E-Books for the Media Center

To acquire eBooks for the media center. The eBooks would be referenced books used for research allowing multiple users to have access to the same book at any time.

 Earth: Inside and Out

Students will gain a more in depth understanding of real-world application of Earth Science while learning about real people of both genders and multiple cultures who may serve as role models in the area of STEM careers. Pursuing this topic falls within the new Minnesota Science Standards and will help prepare students of the MCA Science tests.

 I-Pads in the Classroom

i-Pads are changing the way teachers and students interact in the classroom. Content can be presented and learned by students in a much more engaging and memorable way. I-Pads can be used in all curricular areas to enhance lessons and make learning more exciting for students.

Spanish 5 Novel

Students in an upper level Spanish 5 course will read and understand a novel in the Spanish language.

 I-Pads in the Classroom

I am extremely intrigued by the possibility of integrating this technology with my SMART board and enhancing student learning via apps and programs.

 I-Pads in the Classroom

I attended a webinar about the use of i-Pads in the classroom. I was extremely intrigued by the possibility of integrating this technology with my SMART board and enhancing student learning via apps and programs.

 I-Pad Improvement

The i-Pad in the classroom would give students immediate feedback on choral technique. They need to see how and why certain issues are happening to make improved sound.

 I-Pad 3

I would like to implement the use of an i-Pad 3 as a mobile, wireless teaching slate into my classroom. This initiative will allow approximately 60 fourth grade students the opportunity to maximize their manipulation time with our SMART Board, while minimizing transition time of students to and from their seats. This technology will allow students increased opportunities to practice during all curricular areas, increase mobility of the teacher and diversity instructional modeling (from anywhere in the classroom), decrease time spent determining body placement for manipulating the SMART Board, and boost the confidence of those students uncomfortable with problem-solving or practicing directly at the board.

Students In Action: Hands On Learning In Our Elementary Lifeskills Program

The goal of our project is to increase academic independence and engagement of our students by using hands on learning activities in our elementary Lifeskills programs at Redtail Ridge.