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2014 Fall Grants

Spanish Books for Prior Lake Library

As the educational options of our community broaden, so does our need for additional Spanish books and materials for the Scott County Library Systems. Therefore, this will provide monies to purchase print books, audio books, and chapter books for our bilingual students and their families, to be housed at the Prior Lake Public Library. Parents and children will have access to all materials in the library system.

Noise Reducing Headphones

As our special education staff continues to look for ways to help our students utilize effective tools aimed at helping them remain focused throughout the day, these headphones will reduce noise to assist with sensory and auditory defensiveness and sensitivities.

Read & Ride

These specially designed exercise bikes will be used by students that are active and profess to not like to read. Often it is not the act of reading that inhibits the student, it is the lack of movement (or the conscious effort to keep still) that impedes the students success.

Community Garden

This grant will purchase supplies necessary to continue and expand the student run school community garden. The students are exposed to a multitude of learning activities in relation to this project; team building skills, writing and advertising skills, work skills, and cooperative learning skills, while still addressing components of the science curriculum and core standards. It also gives them the opportunity to contribute to the community around them.

Wind Powered Generators

Students collaborate, research, design and build wind powered generators, using what they learn in the electricity and magnetism unit in Honors 9 Science. These wind powered generators will give students hands on learning in an engineering aspect focusing on green sustainable energy. Looking at the fiscal aspects of the grant, this is a onetime funding request as the kits are reusable.

2014 Spring Grants

21st Century Technology – Fab Lab

Students will learn to identify needs in their community and invent solutions by developing designs and creating products utilizing technology, software, and 21st Century manufacturing processes. Students will also learn business/entrepreneurial aspects of running a business by applying business skills and strategies to market the products to consumers. The funding from this grant would be used to acquire a new vinyl printer and cutter. This new device would be used in the Fab Lab for various student-centered projects.

The skills acquired through this Fab Lab program which will be opening for the 2014-2015 school year will benefit our students whether they go on to a four year institution, two year institution, technical training or directly into the work force. 

6th Grade Science Lab Equipment

The sixth grade science lab is lacking in equipment for our final unit, which involves Energy, Waves, Sound, Light, and the Electromagnetic Spectrum. These topics are very broad and cover a huge chunk of the Physics needed for the Science MCA. Hands on learning are invaluable to student learning, especially in science. Students need to see it, touch it, and experiment with the topics in order to truly have an understanding on the science involved. 

Green Ribbon Community Garden

In conjunction with our E-STEM and Green Ribbon School designations, the staff would like to build an outdoor classroom. This project consists of installing a vegetable garden and orchard at PLHS. The goal of the grant applicants is to provide a scientific learning environment by planting, growing, and harvesting food. All successfully grown food will be used by PLHS in the school kitchen, food labs, or donated to charity.

Snowshoes for PLHS Physical Education Department

This grant will add 10 pairs of snowshoes to the high school’s 32 pair. This would enable all students in the class to participate in a snowshoeing activity.

Foreign Language Media

Current foreign language students do not have access to the extensive foreign language media available at Prior Lake High School. A region free DVD player would allow students to view DVD movies from countries other than the United States and Canada. It would also allow other programs to use the technology to show DVD’s from other countries.