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2015 Fall Grants

Elementary Flexible Furniture

The goal will be to replace current student desks with tables with wheels to create a 21st century flexible learning environment for students. This will be a pilot project at Glendale Elementary.

Audio Support for Secondary Class Assessments

The goal is to develop a system and data bank of audio support for social studies and science tests at the secondary level. The desired outcome includes increased satisfaction for students with Section 504 plans who need tests read to them, reduced demand on para’s to read at all times and to students with varied educational needs, support available in case of absence, and less student resistance to accepting the accommodations because it is more meaningful to them. The ultimate desired outcome is higher classroom assessment scores.

Educational Tools for Active Learners

This will provide additional outlets for kinesthetic learners during instructional and independent study time as well as during partner work. By adding balance boards, exercise balls, swinging and standing desks, students will have additional resources to keep them actively moving while being intellectually focused in the classroom, increasing time on task, increased focus and improved test/assessment scores.

Digital Balances for 8th Grade Science

Digital balances will be purchased to be used in the 8th grade Earth Science class at Hidden Oaks Middle School. Students will be able to make measurements in a wide variety of labs utilizing technology that is 21st century appropriate.

Wireless Document Camera

A wireless document camera will be purchased for use in the Hidden Oaks Middle School Industrial Technology classes. The camera will seamlessly be incorporated into the curriculum and will replace lessons on the overhead projector. With class units such as sketching and drawing, the document camera will be used on a daily basis.

F.L.I.R. Camera & Support Technology

By using a F.L.I.R camera, the ideas of diffusion and heat dispersal will come to life in front of students in real time. Pictures and videos can be taken of heat moving and interacting in a variety of substrate’s.

Scholastic Math Magazine

Scholastic Math is a print and online magazine that helps students relate math to the real world. This is a 10 issue magazine and a class set will be ordered (35 magazines) which can be used year after year. There is also an online platform that comes free with the subscription where worksheets can be assigned. These will be used as a supplement for our curriculum.

Ready Bodies, Learning Minds

Weighted tools will be provided for creative play in the early childhood/preschool environment to provide organizing sensory input for special needs students who are needing extra sensory input in order to focus, attend and build their school readiness skills. The plan is to see students able to integrate with their mainstream peers without disruption and start to build the foundational skills for better academic success through elementary school and beyond.

2015 Spring Grants

Library Makerspaces

This library makerspaces project consists of supplying materials that allow students to build, create and explore. These makerspaces complement our district E-STEM initiatives by encouraging students to use engineering skills in creative ways. The project provides opportunities in all elementary schools.

Inspiring Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We funded the purchase a Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR camera to be used to create high-quality images to recreate using Fab Lab technology. We also funded a light box to assist in producing quality, intricate decals, t-shirt designs and signs.

Raptor Data Integration

Student exposure to real time data (Bald Eagle Blood Lead Levels) and analysis of the blood level data from 2010-present to look for trends and possible sources of lead entry into the environment. Students also attend two capstone presentations on the concept of bioaccumulation and effects on populations and communities. Students observe and gather evidence of adaptations, feeding habits, and behaviors of real raptors. The program encompasses the district E-STEM focus.


The 8th grade students will be assembling sandwiches to donate to the Sandwich Project of Minneapolis. The students hope to assemble 5000 sandwiches to donate.

7th Grade Math Exercise Balls

Exercise balls will be incorporated as substitute chairs in 7th grade Math Class. The balls help students to focus and get some exercise in the process.

Let’s Go Fishing-Scott County Area Chapter

Scott County will provide seniors and the disabled, fishing and boat excursions on Cedar Lake. The funds will be used to purchase equipment.

Outdoor Classroom For Nature-Based Kindergarten

We are funding an outdoor classroom space to integrate nature into the kindergarten classroom. Playing in nature creates endless opportunities for discovery and creativity.

Read and Ride

The Read and Ride program is designed to engage students in learning through a combination of movement and reading. Research has shown students who ride while reading are better able to release frustration, which is often a learning block, and helps to increase reading proficiency in riders. During the last grant cycle, we funded five of these bikes to Five Hawks Elementary with huge success.

Read and Pedal

In every classroom there are active students who profess to not like to read. Many times it is the

student’s lack of constructive movement that can impede their learning and success with reading. This program is designed to engage these students and increase reading proficiency using different equipment than the Read and Ride program.