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2016 Fall Grants

Flexible Seating – Standing Desk

The money from this grant provided a standing desk which provides flexible seating options for some students in need of non-traditional work space to be successful.

Movement Tools

This grant provides a tool to help children with Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder to self-regulate, organize and focus their attention on classroom instruction. Attention and focus can often be increased when children have access to tools that assist them with sensory input.

High Altitude Ballooning

This grant allows the 8th grade at Hidden Oaks School Science Class to launch a high altitude balloon from campus this spring. The balloon will be equipped with photo, gps, and data collection equipment. This will allow us to engage students in real-world STEM data collection and observation.

Bridges Library

Best practice shows a school library should contain at least 100 books per reading level. This grant will be used to purchase at least 16 books per reading level to our library during the 2016-17 school year at Bridges ALC. We will provide surveys for our students to collect data regarding what topics they would be interested in reading and match items to both their interest and levels.

Standing Desk Tops

This grant provides 5 desktop podiums for the 7th grade Algebra Class at Hidden Oaks Middle School. All students will have equal access to using the stand-up desks throughout the year. When students are given choices in their learning environment, they are able to be more creative and innovative which will lead to excellence in learning.

Garden for Five Hawks

This grant helped two classes of 4th grade students who have taken on a challenge of creating a garden at Five Hawks Elementary School. Students will be doing a Project Based Learning (PBL) project where they work together to learn more about gardening. A grant is needed to help buy the necessary things for a garden: beds, dirt, seeds, gardening tools and supplies, etc.

K’Nex Educational Building Systems

The K’Nex Educational System are K’Nex building tools for students to use STEM and engineering skills to build structures and robots. This grant would provide the opportunity for all WestWood students in grades 3-5 innovation opportunities to build structures and robots, and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Mural Project: Cultural & Linguistic Exploration of Hispanic Folklore

This grant provides Spanish II students the opportunity to create and organize the painting of a mural that will hang in the hallway of Hidden Oaks Middle School. This project will challenge students linguistically, academically, and personally as they experience the union of their own perspectives and experiences with those of Hispanic culture and folklore.

2016 Spring Grants

Lego WeDo2 System

This system is a unique and cross curricular tool that will be a valuable addition to many classrooms at WestWood Elementary. This system is based on the educational theory of constructionism, which is rooted in the belief that children learn best when they experience things firsthand and within a meaningful context. Students will be engaged in science, technology, engineering, math and creativity. The materials will last for years!

iNaturalist Explorations

GPS enabled digital cameras will be purchased to use with iNaturalist. The nature enthusiast will be able to post photos, discuss their observations and help each other identify and track various aspects of nature.

Geocache Class Set

A class set of Geocache supplies will be purchased to be used by numerous departments at Twin Oaks Middle School. By being awarded this grant, we will be able to expand our E-STEM curriculum and get the kids outside and involved with new technology and environmental education.

Grainwood Outdoor Classroom

Students and faculty will have an outdoor area for environmental lessons and E-STEM activities. The classroom will be located in the rain garden area.

Community Garden

The community garden at Hidden Oaks Middle School will be expanded to include a new buddy bench for staff and students.