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2017 Fall Grants

Studying Speed in in Science with Stopwatches

6th grade science curriculum includes a speed standard at Hidden Oaks Middle School. The use of stopwatches is very important to determine the time lab objects take to travel a certain distance. This way we can reach our standard learning goals by computing for speed for various STEM and lab activities in class. The use of quality working stopwatches will be very valuable to our learning.

Optional Seating Choices

This project is intended to provide kindergarten through fifth grade students, options of alternative seating in the classroom. The items requested in this grant (wobble chairs, scoop chairs, boundary chairs, weighted lap pads, and chair band) are all items that can help promote calmness, focus, body organization, self-regulation and sensory related inputs, which in turn promotes optimal learning in the classroom.

Fly More Combo Drone

We will be able to obtain a drone system to utilize at St. Michael’s in a variety of ways. The first and foremost way would be in teaching students how artists use drones as photographers and videographers, but it would also include lessons that would touch on how drones are being used in the world today and how they are changing the world, from search and rescue missions to mapping projects.

2017 Spring Grants

Weighted Blankets and Vests

Students will use to utilize as sensory tools in order to help increase their self-regulation and promote calming, focusing and organizing effects to promote optimal learning.

Stand 2 Learn

Provide a standing desk station in each 3rd-5th grade classroom which would allow students an opportunity to improve their self-regulation, increase their focus and energy and allow for movement during instruction while promoting optimal learning.

Active Seating/Flexible Learning

To get an assortment of active seating/flexible learning options for the benefit of all students in the classroom. This would include 24 active seats and two student standing desks. Students can maintain low-level physical activity which is linked to higher academic performance.

LEGO Engineering Kits

The Lego WeDo 2.0 kits had an overwhelming response. I have been asked to pilot and participate in a research study through Lego Education in London. As part of this study, I am receiving some kits to try with students and would like to have a few more kits to really expand their learning.

Outdoor Learning Equipment

The kindergarten team is asking for two Home Depot pitcher pumps and 1 set of Kodo Outdoor Ramps. These will extend children’s learning by allowing them to use Laker learning traits and E-STEM skills such as collaborating, designing, problem-solving and experimenting.

Pre-K Maker Kit (MakinMaker)

Use Makers Kit to give the opportunity for an enhanced educational experience; explore creating and learning in the following areas: electricity, robotics, multiple dimensions, simple machines, solar power, and building structures.