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2018 Spring Grants

Classroom Environment Upgrade

This project will include painting a 4-foot wide band around the gym at WestWood Elementary School with different words and figures inside the band. The colored band will serve functions for our physical education class. Will serve an area for Volleyball, Soccer, and a net for racket sports. The words will remind students to follow directions and to be good sports as well as inspirational quotes.

Jeffers Pond Garden

The intent of the project is to help educate students the importance of eating healthy foods and how to grow your own produce. By making this project fun and educational, it will also include many individuals from the community and make a positive impact on others.

Elementary Music Ukulele Pilot Project

Redtail Ridge Elementary School fifth graders will experience the opportunity to learn to play the ukulele in their general music class. It will give students the opportunity to learn to read notes and get the experience of learning to play an instrument with strings.

High Lexile Novels

This will challenge 7th grade readers at St Michaels Catholic School to use Socratic Questioning methods to discuss their reading (often reserved for high school students) and by writing five-paragraph essays including multiple textual justifications for their literary claims. This group of students is ready to be challenged with additional high school texts (and beyond), and they are excelling.